About Hancan

Who We Are

Hancan Diverse Advertising Company is one of the most well-established and professional event management companies.
Hancan was founded in 1991. Initially specializing in printing industry, through the years, the company has shifted from printing profession to marketing and events management sector due to the intensive business cooperation within health-care industry. With years of experience of resources integration and conference planning, we have already established an extensive networks of contacts with medical affiliations in Taiwan, as well as medical companies such as Bayer and Pfizer locally and internationally.

Today, we have an outstanding team combines with design, marketing and events management. With More than twenty years’ experience in this field, we have developed an in-depth knowledge in the medical sector and also long-term relationships with the best suppliers in the industry.

We pride ourselves for providing customized event planning for our customers. We have a solid organization structure, includes Design, Sales, Management, Marketing, and IT Department. We have also established our own administrative system to enhance work efficiency and database analysis.
We understand that the fundamental base of a successful organization is its employees and industrial knowledge, hence rewarding our employee and establishing a fair performance evaluating platform is the priority for us. We also create a friendly enviroment and mutual-trusted corporate culture. With all these mentioned above, we can reach the long-termed goals together and make sustainable operation.

Innovation in Events Management

We developed a specialized registration system, and with customized design to fit our customer needs. By using the digital registration system, the organizers may shorter the registration time and process for better user engagement.
We also provide tailored e-system such as, e-voting, e-survey, self-registration system platforms based on our customers’ needs.